Stimpson 469 Auto Feed Foot Powered Setting Machine

Stimpson 469 Auto Feed Foot Powered Setting Machine

469 Auto Foot ver A

Designed to auto feed eyelets and grommets ranging from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. All auto feed eyelet and grommet machines are capable of setting one diameter eyelet barrel only. These machines are used for larger production runs where one size eyelet or grommet is exclusively used. The 11 inch deep throat depth of the 469 machine is its most popular feature. It is also available with an optional steel bottom arm for products with tight clearance, and an optional frame extensions to raise the level of the setting area.

  • Size Capacity: 1/8 inch diameter eyelets to a 1/4 inch eyelet or grommet
  • Advantages: Deep 11 inch throat to accommodate deep center applications
  • Maintenance: Lubrication with 30wt motor oil before use is recommended
  • Optional Equipment: Work plate with back and side gauges for centering work
    Laser locating light
    Work light to illuminate setting area
    Frame extension


  • Dimensions: 23 inches deep, 15 inches wide, 50 inch overall height
  • Weight: 185 pounds
  • Electrical requirement: For optional laser locating light or ring guard safety device 110 volt (standard wall outlet)
  • Pneumatic requirement: None
  • Motor Size: None
  • Throat Depth: 11 inches

New, rebuilt and used models available

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