Siska Inc. stocks Industrial snaps also known as ring snaps in the two most popular sizes. 20 ligne and 24 ligne. Our ring snaps are made of brass material so they will not rust. The finishes we carry are plain brass, nickel plated brass and black oxide plated brass. Our snaps are manufactured in the United States. Ring snaps are used in applications where a strong hold is required. The ring inside the socket part of the snap assures a strong hold to the stud part of the snap. This ensures that the snap will not come apart easily and makes for a very positive hold.

Ring snaps are set with two sets of setting dies and require a pre punched hole in the material if being done on a hand or foot press. The cap and the socket are set with one set of dies and the stud and the post are set with another set of dies. Siska Inc. also sells auto feed machines which can cut the hole and set the snap parts. Two machines are required to do the two sets cap/socket and stud/post.