Electronic Safety - Hands Free

Electronic Safety – Hands Free

electronic safety
safety probe 2

The electronic safety device can be adapted to your existing machinery to comply with OSHA safety requirements. The device can be used with electric powered or air powered grommet, eyelet or rivet setting machines. It protects the operator by making sure there is nothing obstructing the setting position of the machine. If your setting machine has a manual foot pedal to actuate the machine, the foot pedal will need to be changed to an electronic or air powered foot pedal with a starting solenoid arrangement.

How the electronic safety functions: When the operator cycles the machine by stepping on the electronic or pneumatic foot pedal, a signal is sent to the control box of the safety device. A probe that exits the safety box will drop down over the dies and stop at the top of the bottom die. The machine will then cycle. This procedure takes less than a second. If the probe is prohibited from reaching the top of the bottom die because something is in the way like the operators fingers, the machine will not cycle.

Siska Inc. can retrofit your machine in our plant with the safety device. The advantage of the electronic safety device over a 2 palm button set-up is the electronic safety leaves both of the operator’s hands free to load and unload the work onto the setting machine.