​J-237 Electric Single Feed Grommet machine

​J-237 Electric Single Feed Grommet machine


The J-237 single feed auto-feed electric grommet setting the machine will punch a hole and set grommets in all types of materials including leather, plastics, textiles, and canvas in one stroke. Like all auto-feed eyelet machines, the J-228 is set up to run one size grommet only. Additional grommet feeders can be purchased to change grommet sizes quickly and easily making this machine very versatile. The J-237 uses a hand-operated washer shuttle device to move the plain washer into place maintaining operator safety. A scored die can also be used to score set the grommet so no washer is needed saving time and money. The J-237 has a throat depth of 6.25 inches.
Size Capacity

  • #00 thru #4 grommets


  • The J-237 will punch and set the grommets in one revolution in materials that other machines cannot. Additional feeders are available to change grommet sizes easily and quickly changing makes this machine versatile and a real value.


  • Lubrication with 30wt motor oil before use is recommended

Optional Equipment

  • Mobile stand with casters
  • Work plate with back and side gauges
  • Laser locating light
  • LED table work light
  • Hand operated shuttle device for moving optional washers into place


  • DIMENSIONS:  28 inches deep, 36 inches wide, 60 inches high
  • Weight: 276 pounds
  • Electrical requirement: 110 Volt AC single phase – standard wall outlet
  • Pneumatic requirement: None
  • Motor Size: 1 HP
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