Model G / USM G

Model G / USM G


United Model G Auto Feed Electric Eyelet/Grommet Setting Machine

The Model G is a standard duty, single revolution electric eyelet setting machine best suited for smaller eyelets and grommets in applications that are pre-punched (meaning there is already a hole in the material). The machine is a single feed machine which does not feed a washer. If your application requires a washer, it can be hand feed onto the bottom die. The throat depth on the Model G is 4.75 inches. Like all auto feed eyelet machines, the Model G is set up to run one barrel diameter size eyelet only. Different lengths of the same size barrel diameter eyelets will feed in this machine. ( see our Industrial Eyelet Page)

Additional eyelet feeders can be purchased to change eyelet sizes quickly and easily making this machine very versatile. A heavy duty machine stand is standard.
Size Capacity:

  • 1/8 inch eyelet to #0 grommets


  • Quick activation, quiet and built for high production run. The model G is especially good at running smaller eyelets.


  • Lubrication with 30wt motor oil before use is recommended

Optional Equipment:

  • Interchangeable raceways to run different eyelets are available
  • Mobile work stand with casters
  • Work plate with back and side gauges
  • Laser locating light
  • LED table work light
  • Hands Free electronic ring guard safety devise and palm button actuation are available


  • Dimensions: 12 X 24 base, 27 inches high, mounted on table: 58 inches high
  • Weight: 171 pounds
  • Electrical requirement: 110 Volt AC single phase – standard wall outlet
  • Motor Size: 1/3 HP
  • Pneumatic requirement: none
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