New, Used & Rebuilt Machines

New, Used & Rebuilt Machines

Every Machine is tailored to our Customer's need and price range.


New Machines are hand built individually to suit the needs and specifications of each customer.

We require samples to start and will recommend the proper unit after testing & evaluation.

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Siska has been buying & selling used machines since the company was formed in 1946.

Before a used machine is sold, it is tested to determine how well it functions. Then it is partially disassembled correcting any function issues.

New tooling, new springs, pins and smaller wear parts are installed; it is then reassembled and tested. The end result is a good working machine at an economical price.

Call a Machine sales rep for more information 800-393-5381



In the Refurbish/Rebuilding of machinery, we first select a good used unit to start with. The following procedures then take place:

  • The machine is stripped down to the bare frame.
  • The frame and all it’s components are chemically cleaned & sand blasted
  • The frame & all components are then checked for wear & cracks
  • At this point any parts not adhering to new specifications are replaced
  • Everything is then painted with high quality enamel paint
  • All shafts & non castings are de-butted & micro polished
  • The machine is now reassembled adhering to manufacturer’s specifications
  • The eyelet/grommet feed unit is then sized to the customer’s needs
  • New tooling/dies are installed
  • New Motor, switch & wiring are installed
  • When the machine rebuild process is complete, it is then adjusted, lubricated & tested with samples provided by customer.