Palm Button Safety

Palm Button – Safety Device

palm button

Palm Buttons are a proven safety device. By using modern technology, the current palm buttons being used are all anti- tie down, meaning that the machine operator must depress booth buttons simultaneously to cycle the machine. This insures that both of the operator’s hands are away from the setting point of the machine. The one downside of palm buttons is the operator cannot be holding the work while the setting cycle is initiated. Siska Inc. has a work around for this problem. We can fabricate a custom fixture and guide to hold the project securely and accurately in place while the operator is cycling the machine by depressing both of the palm buttons.

Siska Inc. can retrofit your machine in our plant with ant-tie down palm buttons and a custom fixture if needed. The advantage of the palm buttons over the electronic safety device is the cost. A palm button set-up is usually less expensive than an electronic safety device.

Palm Button Safety