J-239 Dual Feed Electric Grommet & Washer Machine

J-239 Dual Feed Electric Grommet & Washer Machine


The J-239 dual feed electric grommet setting machine was designed for high volume constant use. This fully automatic electric powered grommet machine feeds both the grommet and the washer to the setting dies via 2 hopper fed raceways. Then in a single motion punches out the hole in the material and sets the grommet and washer simultaneously. The J-239 comes with a stainless steel work plate with guides to adjust the placement and spacing of the grommets. A laser locating light is also standard. It is the fastest production dual feed grommet machine on the market. This machine is also capable of setting grommets in material that other grommet machines cannot due to the unique die configuration and setting principle.

Size Capacity:

  • #00 thru #4 grommets and washers


  • The J-239 automatically compensates for variable material thicknesses
  • Foot pedal operated leaves both hands free to handle the material


  • Lubrication with 30wt motor oil before use is recommended

Optional Equipment:

  • Mobile version table mount with casters
  • Enhanced work plate with back and side gauges


  • Dimensions:  27.5 inches deep, 35.5 inches wide, 59 inches high
  • Weight:  285 pounds
  • Electrical requirement:   110 Volt AC single phase – standard wall outlet
  • Motor Size:  1 HP
  • Pneumatic requirement:  40 PSI

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