J-25 Portable Air Press

J-25 Portable Air Press


J-25 Portable Air Press

The J-25 is a portable high performance air press that takes the strain out of setting grommets and eyelets. The J-25 is manufactured in Spain by the JoPevi Company with the highest quality components. The J-25 is totally air operated, foot actuated setting machine that in one single action punches out the hole in your material while simultaneously making the setting. A finger guard protection mechanism prevents the machine from cycling when the dies are obstructed by the operators fingers or other external components making the machine safe to operate. Included is a stainless steel work plate that regulates the back space and distance between settings. The J-25 is portable and lightweight but strong enough to tackle the toughest material like multiple layers of nylon webbing and seatbelt material. The setting dies are easily changed and adjusted making the machine extremely user friendly and capable of setting many sizes and types of grommets and washers.
Size Capacity:

  • #00 3/16 inch Plain Sheet Metal Grommet to a #6 Rolled Rim Grommet 3/4 inch hole diameter with cut and set in one stroke. The J-25 is also capable of setting a #7 or #8 Rolled Rim Grommet or curtain grommets in prepunched material.


  • Lightweight, strong, and dependable and very easy to change setting dies for different size grommets.


  • Lubrication with 30wt motor oil before use is recommended

Optional Equipment:

  • Mobile table top cart with casters
  • Large Workplate with back and side gauges
  • Tall pedestal style stand for working in standing position
  • Short 4 legged stand for working in sitting position
  • Laser locating light
  • LED work light


  • Dimensions: 17 inches deep, 6 inches wide, 19 inches high
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Electrical requirement: none
  • Pneumatic requirement: 120 psi
  • Motor Size: None

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