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Hole Cutting Dies

Hole Cutting Dies

Siska Inc,. can make hole cutting dies for  many types of machines and various applications.  The type of die needed to cut a clean hole is dependent on the material that is being used.  There are 3 types of hole cutting dies:

Hand Held Hole Punch


This is the basic hole punch type die. The hand held hole punch is hit with a mallet to cut a clean hole in your application.  We recommend a Delrin punch pad ( hard plastic)  to be used in conjunction with the hand held punches so the sharp edge of the punch is maintained.

Male/ Female Cutting Die



This type of die works well in most material that are stiff in nature like banner material, leather, thin plastics, sunbrella and canvas.  The machine is cycled and a clean hole is cut into the material and the cut piece is pushed up into the top die and out the relief hole in the top die. This die can be used as a standalone hole cut die or can be incorporated into cut/set die.

Ball and Socket Hole Cut Die



For material that is light or subtle a ball /socket die works best. This type of die will cut a clean hole in more difficult materials where a male/female die could leave threads of material in the hole or hanging chads.  These type of dies can be made to cut any size hole as required for your application. The top die ball section comes in contact with the bottom die hole and cuts a clean hole forcing the cut material down into the bottom die and out the relief hole.


We always suggest before buying hole cut dies to send us your materials to test so we can recommend the right die for your application.