Common Tools To Install Gromments

  • January 9, 2023

Common Tools / Machines to Install Grommets

1.) Hand Drives

Although you can install grommets manually with a hand setter, let’s face it; it’s not a pleasant experience in most cases. Sore fingers and a job poorly done are some of the consequences of overly relying on this basic method. If you have a very small run or need to do samples, a hand setter is an economical alternative.    A basic hand setter kit consists of a hole punch to cut the hole in your material and a setting base and a setting driver.  You supply the mallet or hammer. There are few  negative aspects  of this method.  It is strenuous and time consuming,  Also you are never really sure if the grommet is fully set. It may take repeated hits with the hammer to set the grommet tight enough to hold properly. Also, it is possible to over set the grommet and damage your work and disfigure the grommet.    

2.) Bench Top Hand Presses

This machine is made of durable and solid steel and is ideal for setting grommets or eyelets. The important part of any hand press is the accuracy and alignment of the top ram that does the setting.  There are many cheap import hand presses on the internet that have neither the accuracy or alignment to function as a business production tool. A good hand press should be gear driven to give the operator a mechanical advantage to reduce fatigue if the machine will be used for an extended period of time.  The hand press also needs to have a mechanical stop which lets the operator adjust the setting pressure so the grommet is not over set or under set.   If the hand press is accurate it can accept different types of dies like cut/set dies and self piercing grommet dies and produce great results.  The old adage  of “you get what you pay for” is very relevant to bench top hand presses. 

A good Bench Top Hand Press is a vital tool for sign shops, leather workers and print finishers or any industry that sets grommets or eyelets.

3.) Foot Press Setting Machines

The next step up for setting machines would be a foot powered setting machine. Also referred to as a kick press, a foot powered machine has the advantage that it leaves the operator's hands available to hold the work and place the grommets or eyelets.   Another advantage is that most operator's legs are stronger than their arms so there will be less fatigue and also the foot press is capable of setting a wider range of sizes and types of grommets since some grommets require more force to set than others. An example of this would be stainless steel grommets. They require more setting force than a similar sized brass or aluminum grommet. A foot press is similar to a hand press in the fact that they also must be accurate and good alignment for the same reasons that were just stated above in the hand press description.  Most foot presses also have a manually adjusted stop that permits the operator to set the exact setting pressure so every grommet that is set is set with the same tightness. . A foot press or kick press can be used on just about any product that requires a grommet or eyelet.  Belts, bags, shoes, curtains, print finishing applications and curtains are some of the items that you can use it on.

4.Auto Feed Setting Machines

For high volume projects that require 10,000 or more grommets or eyelets to be set, an auto feed machine is ideal. This machine feeds the grommet (with some type machines  feeding both the grommet and washers) so the operator only needs to place the item to be grommeted in the machine.  This increases production by 3 to 4 times over a hand feed machine. Auto feed machines can be foot powered, electric or air powered. They are at the top of the list for professional equipment to set grommets and eyelets. At Siska Inc . we carry and service many different types of auto feed machines to complete just about any project. With over 80 years of experience in grommeting, we have seen and worked on just about every conceivable grommeting project. Let our  experience help you choose the most efficient and economical auto feed grommet or eyelet machine for your application.

Feel free to contact us and find out more about us and our services. We have equipment for all types of projects and guarantee you the best options at a fair price.

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