An Introduction to Snaps

  • February 1, 2023

You probably use snap buttons every day, but how well do you know them? If you don’t know what snap buttons are, then this is the article for you.

Several industries around the world use snaps in place of regular buttons. They are also a key design element in today’s fashion industry to fasten two pieces of fabric together. The snaps can also be referred to as poppers or  press studs. They are typically made out of metal or plastic. Snaps are capable of maintaining continuous snap action for extended periods without wearing out. Of course, their durability will depend on the quality and type of snap.

Parts of a Snap

Like standard grommets, snap buttons are composed of male and female parts. The female part is composed of two parts, the Cap which is the part that you would see on the outside of the garment and the socket which is set together with the cap on the same fabric. The male part is composed of the stud which is secured to the material with the post. The stud is designed with a groove to fit precisely into the circular outer lip of the female part, known as the socket. The male part is  on one side of the fabric, while the female is on the other piece of fabric being snapped together.

For example: If you  are wearing  an athletic jacket the cap part of the snap would be visible on the left side of your jacked and the post would be visible on the right side of the jacket. Under the cap is the socket which either contains a circular spring (this is called a ring snap) or two smaller parallel  springs. You would close your jacket by snapping the stud from the right side of your jacket into the socket on the left side of your jacket. When completed the only part that would be visible is the Cap. The caps can be plated or painted different colors to match the fabric’s look.

Types of Snaps

There are two types of standard snaps. Regular snaps and ring snaps.  Regular snaps can be taken apart easily and with little effort. Ring snaps are more difficult to take apart and thus are use in situations where a strong hold is necessary. Most athletic jackets use ring snaps. Ring snaps are also used in industrial applications where holding strength is important.

Setting Snaps

To set a snap, two die sets are required and hole would need to be pre-punched in both materials. One die set would assemble the cap and socket and the other die set would assemble the stud and post. A hand press, foot press or table top electric or air press can be used to set snaps. For high volume applications there are setting machines that will auto feed each half and set them into your material. Two auto feed machines would be needed , one for the cap and socket, the other for the stud and post. An example of a auto feed snap machine would be the JoPevi J-596 A & B

 And there you have it. Everything you need to know about snaps is all in one place. Siska Inc. is a leading distribution center for commercial fasteners, including eyelets, grommets, rivets, and setting machines. All our snaps are of the highest quality and are made of brass with nickel or dull black chemical finishes. Get in touch with our customer service team to receive expert advice.

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