The Difference Between Grommets And Eyelets

  • January 24, 2023

Grommets and eyelets may appear similar at first glance and unless you are in the clothing or manufacturing industry, you probably do not know the difference between them. Although they serve similar functions, grommets and eyelets are used in different applications. Let us explain the different characteristics of the two and when each is used in this article. 

The basic difference between an eyelet and a grommet is simple – A grommet has a much larger flange than an eyelet in relation to the hole size.


Grommets are used to reinforce, or “protect” a hole in signs, posters and many more heavy-duty materials.  They do this by having a larger flange in relation to the hole size than an eyelet. This means that there is a larger area of metal surround the hole in the grommet which equates to greater holding strength.  simply put it would require much more force to tear a grommet out of flag or tarp for example than if a eyelet with a similar size hole was used.  Grommets have a more industrial look to them so are only rarely used in clothing . Sometimes this “industrial look” is what the clothing designer is looking for and thus are used.  Grommets are usually used with an accompanying  washer for maximum holding strength.


Much like grommets, eyelets are used to reinforce a hole in fabric or attach multiple pieces of products  together. Eyelets can also be used for  solely decorative purposes. Since most eyelets have a rolled flange and this flange is smaller in size in relation to the hole size of a grommet, it is more aesthetically pleasing. This is why eyelets are used on garments or other products that require holding strength while not being so large that they take away for the look of the product.  Eyelets, like grommets, can also be used with washers for additional holding strength. They can be used in products like laced up garments or corsets.   

Grommet or Eyelet?

Now that we have a better understanding of what grommets and eyelets are, how do you know which one is needed for your project? Below are some useful questions you can ask yourself to determine:

  • What material is being used, and how thick is it?
  • What is the dimension of the hole that needs reinforcing?
  • Is the purpose decorative or functional?
  • How much force is going to be applied to the product?

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