Your Guide To Setting Double Cap Rivets In Leather

  • February 2, 2023

Double cap rivets are made up of two parts; a rivet and a flat cap. Their metallic material enables them to provide a firm hold on bags and the leather once they’re joined. There are two basic types of rivets and caps. A standard tubular or semi tubular rivet on one side and a flat cap on the other side. When assembled into your product, you get a uniform look on both sides of the goods. To assemble this type of rivet and cap, a rivet machine would be necessary. An example would be a C1 Rivet machine.

The other type is called a quick rivet and cap. The quick rivet and cap is comprised of a standard rivet and the cap in this instance has a small barrel that accepts the barrel of the standard rivet. The two can be first pressed together with your fingers and then permanently set using a hand drive, hand press, foot press or electronic or air press.

Wither to use on type or the other depends on the volume that you will be using. The standard rivet and cap is more economical than a quick rivet although it does require more expensive setting machinery. This type of rivet can also pierce its own hole so no pre-punching is required. This saves labor time and thus costs. The quick rivet can be set with a hand driver but they tend to run 3 to 4 times more expensive. The quick rivet would require the operator in a separate step to punch holes in the material to be riveted.

Most rivets are made in steel with a brass plate or nickel plate standard. We can also custom plate the rivets and caps brass antique, nickel antique, copper and copper antique or we can custom paint them for you.

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