Why Do Industrial Eyelets and Grommets Have Cadmium Plating?

  • January 25, 2023

Electroplating was invented in 1805 and started being used commercially from the 1840s. Coating cheap materials with a silver or gold plating to make it appear more expensive, electroplating was initially used predominantly for aesthetic concerns. However, as technology continued to advance, electroplating has proven to have many practical benefits such as preventing materials from rusting and extending the lifespan of a product. In this article, we introduce to you the numerous reasons industrial eyelets and grommets make use of cadmium plating.

Corrosion Resistance

Not only does rusting or tarnishing present an aesthetic concern, it can wear down and eventually damage an item. Cadmium plating is excellent for protecting a material from rusting or tarnishing. In fact, you can make an accurate prediction on how long it will take a material underneath to corrode based on the thickness of its cadmium plating! Under certain circumstances, cadmium plating can even be used to prevent rusting altogether. This makes it perfect for use in areas with a high saltwater concentration.

Electrical Conductivity

Cadmium plating offers many of the electrical conductivity benefits of gold plating, albeit at a much lower cost. This is one reason cadmium plating is such a popular option for electrical wires and connectors. Ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of electricity for any purpose from transmitting sound waves to electrical charges, cadmium plating has been proven to be extremely useful.


Unlike gold and silver plating, cadmium painting can be dyed to any color or applied as a clear base. This makes it incredibly versatile for use in a wide range of applications where color consistency is a priority. Furthermore, it can be used in paint and paint bases and just a thin coating has been proven to be very effective, even though thicker layers can be applied if necessary.

Although there have been environmental concerns surrounding cadmium plating, the benefits it carries for industrial applications cannot be ignored. At Siska Inc., we ensure that cadmium plating is done in the safest possible manner for our customers, staff as well as the environment. If you have any questions regarding electroplating or would like a recommendation for the best type of plating for your project, we are happy to assist. Please feel free to head over to our help center to find the answer to your queries.

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