What Are The Advantages of Using An Automatic Eyelet Machine

  • January 16, 2023

An automatic feed eyelet or grommet machine is a top solution for your larger production runs. If your jobs require over 20,000 settings, an auto feed is the only way to go.  Auto feed eyelet or grommet machines do not require the operator to hand place the fastener on the machine. The eyelets or grommets are poured into a hopper and auto fed down a raceway eliminating the time consuming task of hand placing the fastener on the bottom die.  These type of auto feed machines will work with a variety of different materials and different applications.  There are single auto feed machines that just feed the eyelet or grommet and dual auto feed machines that feed both the grommet and the washer.

Apart from speed, there are also other advantages of auto feed machines.

  • It is safer. Since the operator's hand does not need to go anywhere near the setting location to hand place the eyelet or grommet, it is safer for the operator. For example, if you are putting a grommet or eyelet into a piece of cardstock, the machine can be fitted with a Plexiglas enclosure that will only allow a thin piece of paper to be inserted into the setting area. This makes it impossible for the operator to get their finger pinched.
  • Auto feed electric or air powered grommet or eyelet machines are fitted with an electronic safety device that prohibits the machine from setting if there is anything other than the work in the setting area.  
  • Dual feed electric or air powered machines have sensors that detect the presence of the washers or grommets and will not allow the machine to cycle if both parts are not present. This helps avoid an incomplete settings.

Advanced Features

Automatic eyelet and grommet machines have a unique set of components that adequately adapt them for many different applications.

Various machines have different features, but here are some general features that make these machines desirable.

  • They can be electric motor or air powered that allows you to set eyelets at a terrific speeds without operator fatigue
  • There are table top models with optional wheels for easy mobility and provide a convenient work space
  • They can easily be adjusted for the thickness of the project 
  • There's no room for placement errors as machines can be fitted with stops, spacers and laser pointers
  • Optional cycle counters can be added to optimize and facilitate the tracking of productivity.
  • They can be fitted with additional gauges or workplates that makes handling and grommet or eyelet placement easier.

Get Quality Eyelets

The right eyelets bring out the beauty of your work. Don't settle for anything less than the eyelets we offer at Siska, Inc. Carefully crafted, thoroughly tested and more importantly, accurate dimensions and specifications,  our products will work flawlessly with auto feed eyelet machines to give you trouble free feeding. Eyelets or grommets that don’t strictly conform to allowable tolerances will jam your auto feed machines causing repeated setting failures.

Feel free to email us at sales@siska.com or call us on 800-393-5381 to know more about our products and our company.

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