What You Need to Know About Aluminum Grommets

  • January 2, 2023

What You Need to Know about Aluminum Grommets

Before moving to the critical stuff, let’s begin with the most basic question: what are grommets? They are small metal rings used ideally in rigid/corrugated plastic signs, canvas banners, fabric, and vinyl. They often appear in cubicle curtains, shower curtains or drapes in stylish forms and shapes. A grommet provides a reinforced hole through which rope, cord or a rod  can pass through. Grommets make it easy to hang your material without worrying about it tearing or getting spoiled in any way.

What’s the Difference Between Grommets and Eyelets?

Most people in and out of the sign industry commonly use “grommets”  and “eyelets”  interchangeably. While these terms are used interchangeably, doing so isn’t technically all that accurate. Why? The basic difference between an eyelet and a grommet is a grommet has a much larger flange in relation to the hole size than an eyelet. Many people believe that a grommet always uses a washer and an eyelet never uses a washer.  This is just factually incorrect.  A grommet or an eyelet can use a washer or not use a washer. This depends strictly on the material the fastener is being set into.  A grommet has a much larger flange than an eyelet with a similar hole size for added holding strength. The more material that is covered by the grommet flange, the stronger the setting.  That is why grommets are used in high stress applications like flags, banners, sun shields and windsocks, cubicle and hospital curtains and shower curtains.  Grommets and washers are more industrial looking since the fastener is larger than a sleek looking eyelet with the same size hole.  Grommets are usually used with washers for the added holding strength. Eyelets on the other hand are used with or without washers depending on the specific application.   When an eyelet or a grommet is used without a washer the barrel of the fastener can be scored set, that is cut into 8 equal segments that curl over on the backside of the work and dig into the work for a secure setting. If the material being grommeted is hard and durable like a plastic sign, the grommet or the eyelet can be roll set without a washer. After the grommet or eyelet is roll set, the end of the barrel that protrudes thru the work is rolled to resemble a donut. Since the material is hard or rigid, the grommet or eyelet will not come out without destroying the work.

 What Makes Aluminum Ideal for Grommets?

Aluminum has plenty to offer.  Aluminum grommets are lighter than brass.  They are resistant to the elements like brass.  Aluminum grommets are easy to set since aluminum is a softer metal than brass. The main reason so many people use aluminum grommets is the cost factor. Compared to brass grommets, aluminum grommets are much more economical. This makes the ideal choice for hospital curtains or shower curtains for cruise ships.  Anywhere the environment exists that the curtains need to be changed frequently, cost becomes a major factor.  Also for someone looking for a silver finished grommet and does not want to pay the added expense for a nickel plated brass grommet, aluminum is an ideal choice.  Its general appearance is its most significant selling point. It has a professional, silvery-white look that leaves your final product clean-looking and pleasing to the eye.  The down side of an aluminum grommet is it is not as strong as a grommet made of brass. So for items like flags, heavy duty tarps, truck tarps or awning brass grommets are preferred.

Which Industries Use Aluminum Grommets?

Aluminum grommets are a greater preference in several industries owing to their exceptional and unique qualities. They serve as an integral and distinct part of the final product. They should be able to fit the precise standards of the product end-user, maker, and designer. Aluminum Grommets are prevalent in industries such as medical/hospital supplies and  shower and cubicle curtain industries

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