When Should You Replace or Rebuild Your Grommet or Eyelet Machinery

  • January 17, 2023

A machine is a very useful asset when it comes to productivity. It makes  work easier and increases productivity by making it  possible to do more in a shorter period of time.  Over time, the machine will experience normal wear and tear and won't function as it should. Proper maintenance like weekly lubricating all moving parts will extend the useful life of the machine but at some point in time the decision to either completely rebuild the machine or replace it has to be made.

This is the decision faced by company owners frequently. Should you replace it? Should you rebuild it?  The decision is usually an easy one . It depends on the cost of a complete rebuild versus the cost of a new piece of equipment.  A remanufactured or refurbished machine is only as good as the people doing the rebuild.  If properly done, the machine will be given a new lease on life and can function like a new machine for many years to come.  One of the advantages of rebuilding your old equipment is that the operator is familiar with using the machine and there is no learning curve like there would be on a new machine.  Also, whoever is responsible for routine maintenance in your factory will be very familiar with the older equipment versus a new machine.

A new machine has the advantage that it is new and has the latest technology and safety features not found in older equipment.  The disadvantage is the pricing may be significantly higher than rebuilding your existing equipment and your operators will need to become accustomed to using the new machine so productivity may suffer until they become familiar with using it.  

When considering whether or not to replace or rebuild your setting machines, you will need expert advice. Siska Inc. has been manufacturing and rebuilding eyelet, grommet and rivet machines for over 80 years.  You can trust us to give you a quote and professionally perform the rebuild with a warranty. We can also quote new machinery. Now you can make an educated decision on which option to choose.   Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about us.

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