What Are The Advantages Of Using An Automatic Feed Eyelet / Grommet Setting Machine?

  • January 23, 2023

If you have been in the business of setting eyelets or grommets for a long time you know that getting the right setting machine is the most important factor that determines the efficiency and the cost of your production.  An automatic feed eyelet setting machine is an advanced system that is mostly used for large production runs. The machine automatically feeds the eyelet or grommet into position to be set. Companies can no longer rely on a simple hand press when there are large production runs to complete.  On average, an experienced operator can install 1 eyelet into a product every 15 seconds or 4 in one minute. This equates to only 240 pieces an hour. With a standard 8 hour day, maximum production of hand press is less than 2000 pieces at best. Regardless of the type of machine used, the product itself must be picked up and put into position to be eyeleted. The speed advantage of an auto-feed machine is that the operator does not need to place the eyelet or grommet on the bottom die.  This is the most time consuming part of the setting process, especially if the eyelets are smaller than ¼ inch barrel diameter.  This is where a machine that accepts thousands of eyelets into the feeder unit increases production by at least a margin of 3 to 1 over a manually fed machine.

Types of Auto-feed Setting Machines

Auto feed eyelet and grommet machines come in  3 different basic models.

1) Foot powered machines -  where the force of the operator's foot is used to set the eyelet or grommet. 
2) Electric powered machines where an electric motor generates the setting pressure
3) Pneumatic machines where an air cylinder generates the setting pressure.

All auto feed eyelet and grommet machine feeders are set-up to run one specific barrel diameter. There is no machine made that will run different diameter eyelets or grommets. Companies usually buy auto feed machines set-up for the most common eyelet or grommet that is used in their industry. The feeders are loaded with thousands of eyelets or grommets and feed them down a track to the setting point on the machine. We will discuss the advantages and best uses for the 3 types of machines.

Foot Powered auto-feed eyelet and grommet setting machines.

The foot powered auto feed eyelet or grommet machine is the most basic type of auto feed machine. They are usually pedestal type machines where the operator stands in front of the machine and steps down on the pedal to apply force which is multiplied by a series of levers to produce the necessary setting force at the point of insertion.  These machines can usually do up to 10,000 pieces in an 8 hour day if the eyelets or grommets are small.  The foot powered 489 Machine is a good example of this type of machine. These machines are very economical and will pay for themselves quickly with reduced labor costs.  The one disadvantage of the foot powered machines is operator fatigue during an 8 hour work day. If the eyelet or grommet is small, the fatigue factor is reduced. If the eyelet or grommet is larger than ¼ inch, operator fatigue and thus production numbers are reduced.    

Electric Powered auto-feed eyelet and grommet setting machines.

Electric powered machines come in two varieties – pedestal machines and table top machines.  They work the same basic way as a foot powered machine. They feed the eyelets or grommets down a track to the setting location.  The advantage the electric powered machine has over the  foot powered machines is in the area of operator fatigue. Since the operator only has to tap the electronic pedal to set an eyelet or grommet, there is no physical fatigue experienced by the operator and production should continue at a standard piece rate during the entire day.  Since these machines are cycled with the tap of a foot, they are equipped with an electronic safety device to protect the operator. The electronic safety device stops the machine from cycling if anything other than the product enters the setting point of the machine. These machines run off stand 110 current and can be plugged into any standard electric outlet.

Pneumatic Powered auto-feed eyelet and grommet setting machines.

Air powered or pneumatic auto feed eyelet or grommet machines function exactly like an electric machine but an Air cylinder is used instead of an electric motor to generate the setting force. These machines require an air compressor to supply around 100 PSI to the machine. Air powered machines also have less moving parts than an electric powered machine which makes for a simpler machine with less maintenance.  They are also equipped with an electric safety device so they require a 100 power source in addition to air pressure.   Pneumatic machines tend to cycle a little slower than an electric machine which might slow production down by 10% on average.

As you can see, an automatic feed  eyelet or grommet setting machine is what you need to improve your productivity especially with higher product runs.    To be sure of getting the right automatic machines, contact Siska Customer Service and we can help choose the right machine for your application. With over 80 years in business we have seen just about every type of application imaginable and can get you up and running quickly with the proper machine.

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