What Do We Need Grommets For?

  • January 20, 2023

Grommets can be used in product development in clothes, outdoor and interior textiles. Grommets are able to be used on many different types of fabrics, from lightweight to more heavy duty materials. All it requires is an understanding on how grommets work to optimize their usage.

Decorative and Delicate Apparel

Let us envision an extremely delicate, sparkly and pretty tulle fabric often used for ballerinas’ skirts. This fabric can be used as a decorative piece for apparel to create interesting parts like creative capes, skirts and dresses. For smaller projects, you can choose to use smaller sized grommets, or eyelets, and apply them with a hammer. Alternatively, you could also use an anvil setter. You can also make use of hole cutting tools and chalk to help you position the eyelet where you desire for the perfect finish. By placing a small ribbon through each eyelet, it will make your decorative apparel customizable and adjustable. These are interesting options for you to showcase your creativity.

Pretty Drapery

Grommets are a good option for drapery or interior curtains. They help to protect raw edges of fabric from fraying, and are strong and sturdy enough to withstand fabric of any weight on the horizontal rod where curtains are hung. You can choose to get creative by picking grommets of different colors that may suit the theme of your room. Grommets are relatively easy to apply, and pretty curtains are simple to achieve with grommets.

Daily Wear and Durability

Small grommets, or eyelets, can also be used as holes for shoelaces. They are functional as they help to make shoes with shoelaces durable and long lasting. By placing a small grommet at the holes of the shoes, it will help to prevent the fabric from fraying over time. You can choose fun colors to help give your pair of shoes more personality. By adding grommets, not only are you customizing and beautifying your shoes, you are improving your footwear’s quality and extending its life span, which is a good deal.  

Use as Durable Decking

Grommets are highly functional and can also be used for outdoor or industrial purposes. For example, grommets help to ensure fabric is secure on your tents, banners, tarps and sails. Grommets come in different sizes and different colors, so you will be able to select the grommet that best suits your project and your preferences. As outdoor and industrial materials are usually sturdier than fabric used for apparel, it is recommended to use a press machine and die that is heavy-duty and functions well for production on a large scale.

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