Top Tips to Utilize a Hand Press

  • January 5, 2023

Top Tips to Utilize a Hand Press

You don’t need years of experience to operate a portable eyelet or grommet hand press. Provided you have the right materials; you can set your eyelets or grommets without paying handsomely for outside services. Otherwise referred to as the manual grommet machines, the hand press is the market’s most compact setting machine. As easy as they are to use, they’re also easy to transport from one point to the next. Some models work with tough materials like coroplast, textiles, and even PVC banners. When their application shifts to materials of a textile nature, it is important to use the correct setting tools so your material doesn’t pucker or wrinkle. 

Which Eyelets or Grommets Should You Use with a Hand Press? 

Both metal eyelets or grommets are ideal for manual hand press machines. If you want a more durable option, brass eyelets or grommets are preferred over aluminum or plain steel.  Brass based  eyelets and grommets will not rust.   If your product is going to be exposed to a salt environment, we suggest an eyelet or grommet made of stainless steel.  Stainless steel requires a larger hand press and special setting tools to set properly because stainless is a very hard metal.  

Plastic grommets and eyelets are also another alternative and can be recycled. This makes them a better alternative when working with either PE or PP tarpaulins as there’s zero need to get rid of them for recycling purposes. Most advertising companies opt for the plastic-eyelet banner as they hardly interfere with the content of the media. This further improves the banner’s overall aesthetic layout. Plastic eyelets and grommets are not as durable as their metal counterparts and are not recommended for products that will be exposed to extreme sunlight like an awning.  Are you interested in using plastic eyelets or grommets in your next project? Talk to the experts at Siska for a recommendation. The next point details what you need to do when using a hand press.

Simple Steps to Set Eyelets or Grommets Using a Hand Press

Step 1. Place the hand press machine on a stable surface. This will ensure that you get the best position during the setting.

Step 2. If you are using a washer, always place the washer on the bottom die first. If the washer is beveled like a saucer, the washer should be placed with the lip facing upward. If your material already has a hole in it, place your material over the male locating point on the bottom die.  If your hand press has a cut/set die arrangement or you are using self piercing grommets, place your material where you want the eyelet or grommet to be set.  When dealing with banners, it’s best to use a washer reinforcement to strengthen the material and prevent tears or fast wearing out.

Step 3. If your material is pre punched, place the eyelet or grommet on the locating point of the bottom die, barrel side down, flange side up and cycle the machine.  If you are using a self piercing grommet place the grommet up into the top die and cycle the machine.   If you have cut/set dies, first cycle the machine. This will cut a hole in your material and force the material down onto the cutting point. Now just place the grommet barrel side down, flange side up on the bottom die and cycle the machine to set.  Remember,  once an eyelet or grommet is set it cannot easily be removed without damaging your product. So make sure you have made the correct placement.

Step 4. To cycle the machine, use one hand to exert downward pressure on the setting lever until you have reached the adjusted stop.  Any good hand press machine will have an adjustable stop and once adjusted,  every eyelet or grommet will be set exactly the same. Without a adjustable stop, it is possible to  over-set the eyelet or grommet, deforming it ( goes out of round and gets stuck on the bottom die) and crushing your project or under set where the eyelet or grommet is loose in your project.

If you need any assistance in using a hand press, please get in touch with us. Our team of experts at Siska Inc. will do their best to review your situation and recommend more tips, ideas, or products that you will find particularly useful.

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