Types of Grommets for Awnings

  • January 4, 2023

Types of Grommets for Awnings

While there are lots of grommets to choose from, various manufacturers are still designing  metal grommets specifically for heavy-duty purposes. There are different kinds of  grommets and washers, based on size and application demands. However, to leave your awning project with a neat, professional look, settle for a durable, commercial-grade grommet. The grommet can be used interchangeably with neck, teeth, and plain washers for securing both residential and commercial awnings. They can also be used on industrial-grade umbrellas, privacy screens, canopies, windscreens, as well as roof tarps.

Material Used in Awning Grommets

It is more than essential to pick the best grommet material for the durability and  perfect finish. As expected, grommets come in a wide variety of finishes. To complement the result of your end product, Siska Inc. provides the best in dull black, nickel-plated, brass finishes, as well as custom plated finishes such as brass antique and antique pewter among others. Not only do they add a classy touch to your project, but they also provide unmatched protection from harsh weather conditions. Keep in mind that selecting the ideal grommet for your textile type is just as important as picking the material.

Types of Siska Inc. Grommets 

We have a lot to offer when it comes to grommets for awnings. Here are just a few of what you can expect to find at our store:

Self-Piercing: These are the grommets to settle for if you want to take the least time with your project. The grommet and washer punch thru your material and set in one motion, and are suitable for most materials. These kinds of grommets are ideal for smaller run jobs and quicker assembly by cutting their opening and setting in a single action.

Plain Grommets and Neck Washers:  These grommets and more specifically the washer are used in dual feed machines that auto feed both the grommet and the washer.  Dual feed grommet machines were designed for high quantity production

Rolled Rim:  Rolled Rim Grommets and Spur washers are the heavy duty alternative for those looking for extra strength and better aesthetics.   The spur washer has two rows of teeth that lock into the rim of the grommet and provide additional holding strength.  Flags, tarps, awnings and, truck tarps are known to utilize  rolled rim grommets and spur washers. Why? They offer the best holding strength for products that are exposed to the wind and elements.

Plain Sheet Metal: These are among the most common awning grommets. They utilize plain washers or tooth washers and come in different metals and finishes. To set the washer and plain grommet in your fabric, you may need a hand setter or machine to cut the  hole and set the grommet.  Tooth washers are used for added holding strength and also prohibit the grommet from rotating in the product.

There are many types of awning grommets and washers.  It’s up to you to choose the ideal supplier and manufacturer that offers just the right variety for your awning project. Get in touch with the professionals at Siska Inc. to help you in choosing the correct grommet and washer and setting machine for your application. Your next project is sure to stand out with a little help from our customer service.

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