Understanding Grommets for Leather Goods

  • January 3, 2023

Understanding Grommets vs  Eyelets  For Leather Goods

  Grommets and Eyelets are very similar in function and vary slightly in aesthetics. .They are usually  metal rings that are used to reinforce a hole that may have a cord or drawstring strung thru them. An example of this would be a corset that has a laced up back.  The main difference between a Grommet and Eyelet is a grommet has a much larger flange in relation to the hole size than an eyelet.  Both can be used with washers for added holding strength but grommets are a little more industrial looking. So the choice of using a grommet vs an eyelet has a lot to do with the look that you are trying to achieve.

Eyelets and grommets come in a variety of materials. The main choices are brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel  and plastic. For leatherwork, brass  is the most recommended. Brass grommets are not only easy to use, but they’re durable as well.

No wonder leather craftsmen use them and add some embellishments depending on the leather item — halters, trendy handbags, work aprons, leather belts, you name it. Look at most leather items, and you won’t fail to notice and appreciate the beauty that a grommet or eyelet adds to them.  Brass eyelets or grommets can also be plated in many finishes like nickel, brass antique, pewter, copper, copper antique or black

There are different types of grommets:

  • Self-piercing grommets: These grommets make their own hole in the material while they are being set. It is possible for them to pierce through a material without you having to punch a hole beforehand depending on the type of material you are working with
  • Plain sheet metal grommets that pair with plain washers: These are the standard grommets. They require the machine to make the hole before they are set.
  • Rolled rim grommets: They are the most aesthetically pleasing of the grommet type and have a rolled flange like an eyelet. They are extra thick and are used where extreme holding strength is required.
  • Eyelets: Since eyelets have a smaller flange in relation to the hole size than a grommet, it is the first choice for most people working with leather or fabric. A washer can be used for added holding strength if necessary.

Finding the right eyelet or grommets can be difficult. At Siska, Inc., we make things easier for you. For the last 80+ years that is all we have concentrated on. Eyelets, grommets, rivets,  setting machines and setting tools is our business.    Over this time, we have seen every imaginable application and can recommend the best solution for your project at the most economical prices.   We offer the best quality at affordable prices and stand behind everything we sell.  Feel free to visit our website and see what we offer or call our customer service specialist for professional and personal service  at 1-800-EYELET1  (800-393-5381). 

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